For many years now, plenty of people that are wealthy have gotten that way through investing in property. property investments are one of the things that can bring ongoing financial profits every month. When it increases in value, your investment becomes that much more important and profitable. (more…)

Many people know that property investing is very lucrative. For that reason alone, will make people want to get their share of the pie. They know that this is a great way to build wealth, not only for them, but they can also pass it down to their future generations. (more…)

High yield property investment in Thailand are achieved through a combination of five factors: (more…)

During the property ‘boom’, there wasn’t much of a difference in property values between modernised and un-modernised houses. But during the current financial situation it is much different according to Savills, the property experts. (more…)

The money from property investing can be used as passive or residual income. Either way, you will consistently have money coming in from your property rental(s). There are some things that you need to know in order to keep the money coming in. In order to start the wealth process with property investing, get one property first. Seek one that does not require a lot of work and is suitable for renting out to prospective tenants. You can look for reposessions in addition to other types of homes. (more…)

The recent home improvement survey from Halifax could provide the tools you need to help increase the value of your investment property portfolio. (more…)

Rental supply has fallen by 20% during the last quarter caused by the market going through a sharp balance correction of supply and demand, according to figures from a leading UK lettings chain. During the last 2 years there has been an oversupply of properties and dropping rents, but this picture is changing rapidly. (more…)

A great concern for property investors when searching for their next investment property is yield. This is a real safeguard for investors in difficult times of late. This would allow investors to both get good returns on their money and to keep hold of it in the long term. When the market is struggling, this is the main concern for investors. (more…)

Recent data has found that lenders are making it slightly easier to obtain a mortgage, as reported by BBC News. The number of mortgages needing a 15% minimum deposit has increased from 189 to 226 in the past month, reaching the year’s peak. The number of mortgages for the same period requiring a 20% deposit has dropped from 136 to 117. (more…)

Rent is treated as income and therefore taxed in line with your basic or higher rate tax bands. You will be able to offset mortgage interest payments, letting’s agent costs and maintenance costs against the taxable rental income. (more…)