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During the property ‘boom’, there wasn’t much of a difference in property values between modernised and un-modernised houses. But during the current financial situation it[…]

For many years now, plenty of people that are wealthy have gotten that way through investing in property. property investments are one of the things[…]

Many people know that property investing is very lucrative. For that reason alone, will make people want to get their share of the pie. They[…]

The money from property investing can be used as passive or residual income. Either way, you will consistently have money coming in from your property[…]

High yield property investment in Thailand are achieved through a combination of five factors:

The recent home improvement survey from Halifax could provide the tools you need to help increase the value of your investment property portfolio.

Rental supply has fallen by 20% during the last quarter caused by the market going through a sharp balance correction of supply and demand, according[…]

A great concern for property investors when searching for their next investment property is yield. This is a real safeguard for investors in difficult times[…]

Recent data has found that lenders are making it slightly easier to obtain a mortgage, as reported by BBC News. The number of mortgages needing[…]

Rent is treated as income and therefore taxed in line with your basic or higher rate tax bands. You will be able to offset mortgage[…]