Essential Rules to Follow When Renting an Apartment in Luxembourg

Essential Rules to Follow When Renting an Apartment in Luxembourg

Essential Rules to Follow When Renting an Apartment in Luxembourg

Being a tenant in Luxembourg is generally a good experience as the country’s property laws are pro-tenant. Then there is their judicial system that is very efficient and fair. Most landlords are decent folks that are business-oriented and appreciate efficiency.

However, some of them might try and make you sign a lease that undermines your rights as a tenant.

To make sure that your rights as a tenant are protected, keep on reading. By the time you are finished reading this, you will know everything on how to rent an apartment in Luxembourg safely.

Be careful with the inventory of fixtures

It is crucial to be present when the inventory of fixtures is made. Please don’t sign it blindly, and make sure that you take note of any defects. That way, you can’t be blamed for them when you eventually leave. Worst case scenario is you miss something, you get blamed for it, and you lose your deposit.

Don’t sign the lease without reading it

Luxembourg has pro-tenant laws, and that’s excellent news. However, some landlords try to even the playfield by adding clauses in the lease that favor them on account of your tenant rights.

To avoid clauses that undermine your tenant rights, make sure that you thoroughly check your lease before signing it and hire a translator if needed.

The landlord doesn’t need to see all of your documents

The landlord will ask you for a set of documents that you need to provide. But other than that, he doesn’t have the right to ask for anything more. He has no right to see your direct debit authorization, bank statement, medical insurance card, marriage certificate. Don’t show any document that is out of the property rental scope.


First sign, then pay

The landlord doesn’t have the right to ask for any deposit before the lease is signed. Both the deposit and the first months’ rent are paid right after you sign your lease.

Third-party guarantee

In this regard, the landlord has the right to ask for a guarantee from a third party. They can ask you for that even if you are solvent and can prove that. So, it is a smart play to have the details of someone that can do that for you.

Risk house insurance policy

Furthermore, it is within the landlord’s domain to ask for your risk house insurance policy. It is the tenant that needs to pay for it and provide a copy to the landlord. This comes immediately after signing the lease.

In conclusion

Knowing your tenant rights matters a lot and keeping track of all formalities and paperwork matters, too. But it also matters a lot to communicate with your landlord and speak openly about any issues.

Being honest and transparent always helps and is appreciated by the local landlords. Most of the landlords are well-educated, cultural people with excellent manners. If they see that in you, your tenancy will go smoothly and without any troubles.