The Santorini Condo Singapore

The world has witnessed a tremendous rise in the population density and in demand of houses. The world is same, the amount of land is constant but the demand has increased with the increasing population density.

The dreams of working class men and women have slipped into the cold box and they are not going to come out in real time. Various housing societies have come up with theme park concepts and they are offering good deals.

Dreams of a working class

The Santorini Singapore brings a chance for the working class men and women of Singapore to make their dreams of a beautiful house come true. The Santorini Condo is a theme park project, which is going to take the shape of a Greek island when the construction gets completed. The Santorini is a dream project and people of Singapore can trust and invest generously in this project. The various exciting features and offers about the Santorini can be listed as follows: –

  • The entire project is known to have eight blocks. The entire group of block will have a similar design and construction and all of these blocks will have 15 storeys. The total number of units of apartments and rental complexes are going to be 597.
  • The lasting and the lease tenure of all of the units in these projects are fixed for 99 years after reaching consensus with government policies.
  • The construction company ensures a perennial flow of electricity and water throughout the year. The arrangements of power back-up have been made for the days when electricity runs out of the park.
  • The construction company MCC ltd is a native company of Singapore and hence they are dedicated to make the life of their own people better and beautiful and hence they are providing an early bird discount of 10 percent.