Why You Should Get a Short-Term Rental in Budapest?

Why You Should Get a Short-Term Rental in Budapest?

Why You Should Get a Short-Term Rental in Budapest?

Budapest’s Seventh District is located in the central part of the Pest region. For centuries it has housed the Jewish community in Budapest. During the Second World War, it became the Jewish ghetto, but today it is an attractive tourist site. Its central position makes it a convenient place to live while working or exploring the city, and it is a lively and fun area. In addition to those, here are more reasons why the District Seven is an excellent location for short term rentals in Budapest.


Formerly the Jewish ghetto, the District Seven is full of relics from an era when this neighborhood was occupied mainly by Jews. Those include old synagogues, kosher restaurants, and more. Some of these historical spots include the Dohany Street Great Synagogue, belonging to the liberal Neolog community; it is the largest synagogue in Europe and the second-largest in the world. Then the Kazinczy Orthodox Synagogue is another beautiful place; it is orthodox but smaller in size than the Dohany Street Great Synagogue.

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Ruin Bars

The District Seven is also home to the well-known Ruin Bars. They are drinking joints with a cozy and rustic ambience, and more importantly, low priced beers. Ruin Bars are a popular choice for Stag parties, Hen nights and other wild nightouts. Visitors to the Jewish District can explore these bars with freepubcrawlbudapest.com. Some popular Ruin Bar locations include Szimpla Kert and Gozsdu Udvar.


In Budapest, downtown is the better-known food hub, because of its Michelin-starred restaurants, but the Jewish quarter is home to a diverse selection of delicacies. It is perfect for tourists because you are likely going to find a familiar meal here. Examples of the variety of foods you can sample include Soul Food (New Orleans), Bánh Mì (Vietnamese), Komachi (Japanese), Hanna (Kosher), and Frici Papa (Hungarian). These tasty meals are quite pricey, due to the high demand of tourists, but they still cost much less than meals in most Western European cities.